Department of Research and development

Department of Research and Development was established at the same time with the Pedagogical Institute. During the years, the Pedagogical Institute trained several generations of scientific staff for Moldovan education.
At the moment, the Department of Research and Development of „Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University consists of two sections: Scientific Research and Postuniversity Studies. The Vice Rector for Science, International Relations and European Integration is Igor Racu, University Professor, Doctor Habilitat of Psychology and the Chief of the Department Research and Development is Silvia Chicu, Associate Professor, Doctor of History.
Chisinau „Ion Creanga”State Pedagogical University holds investigations in two primary strategic directions of the National Plan on Research of the Republic of Moldova.
DirecTION Nr.1 16.07 (06)
Building of a legal state and valuing the cultural and historic heritage of Moldova in the framework European integration.
DirecTION Nr. 2 16.08 (05)
The capitalization of human, natural and informational resources for a durable development.
The scientific research of the academic staff of the University is realized within four scientific aspects/profiles:

  1. Sciences of Education and Teaching Staff formation, Scientific Coordinator Doctor, Associate Professor  L. Ursu (scientific profile that was accredited by CNAA on 09.11.2011);
  2. Personality, Development and Education Psychology, Coordinator Doctor, Associate Professor I. Negură (scientific profile that was accredited by CNAA on 09.11.2011);
  3. The Historic and Cultural Heritage within the European Context, Scientific Coordinator Doctor Habilitat, University Professor Gh. Gonţa (scientific profile that was accredited by CNAA on 09.11.2011).

In 2008 the Academy of Science of Moldova approved by the main scientific directions for research and the main results expected at the University for the years 2010-2011 and 2011-2014.
Scientific Direction The Efficiency of Initial and Continuous Development of the Teaching Staff for the Educational System of Moldova.
The actuality of this scientific direction is determined by the need of adjusting forms, methods, means of training and improvement of teaching staff to the requirements of Bologna Process, as well as to the tendencies of higher pedagogic education integration in the European Higher Education.
Scientific Direction Moldova in the European Civilization Context (political and cultural interferences)
The Actuality of this scientific direction is determined by the need to revalue the political and cultural relations of Moldova with the European countries at international level.
Scientific research is done by academic teams of the 25 departments of the university. A certain amount of research is done in the framework of the seven institutional scientific themes and within the two research themes from the State Programme of the Republic of Moldova.

Chief of Research and Development Department, Associate Professor, PhD,  Silvia Chicu

Tel.: +373 22 74 54 94

Educational Department ChiefStelian Culea

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