Reopened in August 1967, during the years, „Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University Library proved to be an integral part of educational process and of achievement of scientific investigations, developed at the University.

The evolution of Library’s activity was determined by the structure and the activity of the tutorial institution: opening, closing or reorganizing some faculties, changes in the analytic programmes of the basic/main and optional courses, shifting to other structures, opening and reorganizing reading rooms and loan points.

The Chief of the scientific library is Ecaterina Scherlet.

The scientific library of „Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University has the aim to take part in educational and developmental process of the students as well as in research done within the university, through the development of an informational-documentary basis aimed at  supporting of university curriculum, research programmes of the students, teachers, researchers and other social-professional categories from the university environment.

Publications acquisitions, the donations received from individuals and corporate, participation of the library in national and international projects in order to develop the collections, supported by Soros Moldova, French Alliance, the Association of Fracophone Universities, US Embassy, in collaboration with „I.C.Petrescu” National Library from Bucharest, The Library of „Stefan cel Mare” University, Suceava, the Library of Pitesti University etc. allowed a considerable update of the Library patrimony, according to the informational requirements of the beneficiaries, with the changes in higher education, including the framework of the university (adherence to the European educational standards, the modification and diversification of the specialities classification), with research activity done at the university.

The library grants access to EBSCO Publishing databases, subscribed within the framework of the project „EIFL Direct Moldova” (Electronic information for libraries).
The collections of the library are organised in a system determined by their destination and functionality.
The system of beneficiaries’ service comprises:

  • Consulting the publications in six reading rooms, with a total capacity of 300 places;
  • The access to the national and international databases, to the electronic publications of the media hall;
  • Book loans;
  • Interlibrary loans.

The integral computerization of „Ion Creanga State Pedagogical Univesity” library started in 1999, once the objectives of the project Information and Documentation Centre „Education Sciences”, co-financed by Soros Moldova and the University, have been realized. This fact allowed the efficiency and modernisation of informational activity, transformation of the library into an information centre for university structures, and opening of the Media hall.

The Media hall was founded in August 2005 and is endowed with 22 computers. It provides the consultation of printed documents, access to national and international databases, access to the Internet (an hour free of charge), access to the local databases (the electronic catalogue of „Ion Creanga” SPU library etc.), digitizing and development of the electronic collection of the university. At the same time, the media hall provides services of consulting the beneficiaries concerning the use of working stations with informational and communicational purposes, initiates beneficiaries into Q-OPAC programme.

Within the university there is the Electronic library that offers the readers databases, electronic periodicals, computer files, digital documents, ”Ion Creanga” SPU teachers publications in electronic format.
As a methodological centre for school libraries, the Library gathers statistic data concerning the activity urban and rural libraries from the country.