Faculty of Computer science and informational technologies in education

Though it is rather young, founded in 2004, on the basis of Computer Science and English Language speciality, that was introduced at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature in 1998, the Faculty has a certain tradition in training highly qualified specialist sat the following specialities at Level I – Bachelor: Computer Science, Computer Science and Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
Since 2008-2009 Level II (Master) at speciality Informational and Communication Technologies in Education and since 2012-2013 at speciality Didactic Mathematics has been implemented.

Since now, the Faculty has provided the training of more than six hundred specialists who are successfully employed as teachers in pre-university and higher education institutions, public clerks in educational and economic management, programmers, web designers, in other fields connected with computers.

Faculty of Computer Science and Informational Technologies in Education is led by the Dean Roza Dumbrăveanu, Associate Professor, PhD.
Today, at the only faculty with scientific background, study at Level I and II over 300 students trained by 30 teachers from two Departments:

  • The Department of Computer Science and Informational Technologies in Education,  Department Chief –  Associate Professor, PhD, Nicolae Balmuş;
  • The Department of Applied Mathematics, Department Chief Associate Professor, PhD, Sergiu Port.

The academic staff of the faculty consists of highly qualified teachers among which seven Doctors of Science, Associate Professors; five senior lecturers who provide a new area of teaching and research concerning the elaboration and implementation of ICT in education.
During the five years of Faculty’s activity, these teachers elaborated over 200 curricular supports, more of which in electronic format, published several methodological works, monographs, manuals. In the last years, the Departments were supplemented with young specialists from the Faculty’s graduates, who as a rule are Master and Doctoral students.

The faculty possesses the necessary technical and informational support to ensure the educational process according to the requirements of modern technologies. It is endowed with a network of computer rooms connected to Internet, of specialized laboratories for computer and other multimedia means assisted study of Computational Mathematics, of English Language meant for the enhancement of the educational process.
The students benefit of informational resources from the ETRC, founded with the support of the American Embassy, and of the British Centre.

The administration of the faculty as well as its Scientific and Methodological Council are preoccupied with a series of major problems, the main of which is quality assurance of education. In this respect, the Faculty undertakes a series of actions that presupposes the achievement of this objective. Thus, starting with 2004-2005 new European educational standards have been implemented; they began with the development/elaboration of new study plans and programmes for profiles, specialities and specializations. The curricula for the subjects have been adjusted to the new standards, the ECTS credits have been introduced, a fact that allows a higher mobility of students and teaching staff.

The learning outcomes are oriented to the professional training of specialists in the field of ICT in education, by the development and use of electronic manuals, educational programmes, didactic games, virtual laboratories etc.

Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and ICT in Education, Associate Professor, PhD, Roza Dumbrăveanu

Tel.: +373 22 35-83-44
E-mail: roza.dumbraveanu@upsc.md