Faculty of Pedagogy

The Faculty of Pedagogy was founded in 1957, being the first Faculty of Pedagogy in the Republic of Moldova. At the moment it has 1000 students from Moldova, the Ukraine, Russia and Romania, studying both in the Romanian and Russian languages.
Currently, the Faculty of Pedagogy is led by the Dean Larisa Sadovei, Associate Professor, Doctor of Pedagogy.

According to the Classification of Specialities of Republic of Moldova, the students can choose among the following specialities:
Level I – Bachelor
Pedagogy and English Language, Primary Education Pedagogy and English Language, Primary Education Pedagogy and French Language, Primary Education Pedagogy and Computer Science, Primary Education Pedagogy and Preschool Education, Preschool Education and English Language, Preschool Education, Pedagogy, Social Pedagogy, Sports and Modern Dances.
For the consolidation of theoretical knowledge and the development of some professional skills, the students realize pedagogical stages in social centres, colleges, in secondary schools (at both gymnasium and lyceum levels), in primary schools and kindergartens.
Bachelor’s diploma holders can continue with Master’s studies:
Level II – Master
Research Methodology in Pedagogic Sciences, Pedagogic Sciences Methodology (with emphasis on higher education didactics), Counselling and Family Education, Management and Methodological Counselling in Primary Education, Management and Counselling in Preschool Education.
The teaching-learning process is provided by a highly qualified academic staff: 2 University Professors, Doctors Habilitat; 9 Associate Professors, PhDs; 2 Senior Lecturers, PhDs; 9 Senior Lecturers; 5 Assistants. The results of successful scientific research are vivid in the elaboration and implementation of models of innovative technologies in developing professional competences of the teaching staff, in the materialization of scientific-methodological activity in programmes, methodological guides, manuals, monographs, scientific articles; in the presentation of realisation at national and international conferences according to the new directions of modernization of education and higher education curriculum, 2 Masters of Arts, 1 member of the Union of Fine Arts of Moldova.
The professional development at the faculty is provided by three departments:

  • The Department of Preschool Education,   Department Chief –  Associate Professor, PhD  Stela Gânju
  • The department of Primary Education Pedagogy, Department Chief – Associate Professor Maria Harea.
  • The Department of Education Sciences, Department Chief – Associate Professor, PhD Cojocaru Maia

Level III – Doctorate
The Department of Education Sciences coordinates Doctoral studies at two specialities.
General Pedagogy (13.00.01)
The Theory and Methodology of Education in specific subjects (13.00.02).
The activity of Curricular Resources Centre within the framework of the department additionally contributes to the development of functional psycho-pedagogical skills and of personality features necessary for an effective educational activity throughout the professional path.

Dean of Faculty of Pedagogy

Associate Professor, PhD, Larisa Sadovei

Tel.: +373 22 74 24 42
E-mail: larisa.sadovei@upsc.md