Faculty of Philology

Founded in the summer of 1940, the Faculty of Philology compelled recognition, during the years, by qualitative training of teaching and philological staff. The faculty’s classrooms were the starting point (and an auspicious one) for well-known personalities of our republic. Here, such famous modern writers as Grigore Vieru, Ion Hadârcă, Spiridon Vangheli, Serafim Saca, Vasile Vasilache etc. wrote their first poems and sketched the first ideas for their novels.

Currently, the Philology Faculty is led by the Dean Gabriela Topor,  Associate Professor, Doctor of Philology.

The Faculty of Philology provides several possibilities for professional development at three levels:
Level I – Bachelor (License);
Level II – Master;
Level III – Doctorate.
Within level IBachelor, training/education is provided at:

  • single specialities – 180 credits; duration of studies– 3 years: Romanian Language and Literature*; Russian Language and Literature*;
  • specialities with double profile  (basic speciality (A) + secondary speciality (B) – 240 credits; duration of studies – 4 years:    Romanian/English Language and Literature; Romanian/French Language and Literature; Romanian/German Language and Literature; Romanian/Italian Language and Literature; Romanian/Spanish Language and Literature; Romanian/Russian Language and Literature; Romanian/English Language and Literature (non-native speakers); Russian/English Language and Literature.

 *Part time education is realized at these specialities. The duration of studies is one year more than for full-time education.
The graduates of the faculty get the degree of Bachelor/Licentiate in Sciences of Education which allows them to get employed at various types of pre-university institutions as teachers of Romanian/Russian language and literature, foreign languages, world literature, methodologists, managers in educational system, editors, translators, reviewers etc.

Bachelor diploma holders can continue their education at level II – Master:
Linguistics, History and Theory of Literature; Didactics of Philological Subjects; Linguistic and Literary Education; Linguistic Education and Intercultural Communication.
Master education allows improving and supplementing Bachelors’ education by acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for a specialist who will get involved more effectively and with a higher workload in the professional activity. The diversity of education methods and proceedings applied at level II contribute to the development of a flexible personality, capable to accept without difficulty the qualitative changes required by  modern imperatives.
Master’s degree diploma holders can proceed to level III – Doctorate to speciality 13.00.02 – Theory and Methodology of Education (in the field of Didactics of Romanian/Russian language and literature).
Currently, at the faculty there are 550 full-time and 300 part-time students, as well as 55 Master students. Professional training is ensured by three profile departments:

  • The Department of Romanian and Compared  Literature, Department Chief – University Professor, Doctor Habilitat Alexandru Burlacu
  • The Department of Romanian Language and Classic Philology, Department Chief – Ph.D., Associate Professor Aliona Zgardan-Crudu
  • The Department of Language and Communication, Department Chief – PhD, associate Professor Elena Buraciova.

Within the faculty the academic staff with good professional background activate: two doctors habilitat, university professors; 18 doctors in science, 13 senior lecturers, and numerous lecturers.

Simultaneously with the educational activity undertaken within the framework of the university, the teachers from the faculty realize a continuous personal development and are involved in scientific research.
Since 2001, within  The Faculty of Philology Annals Metaliterature, included by the National Commission for Attestation and Accreditation in the list of profile scientific publications has been published.
In 2006, the magazine was reorganized, the Academy of Science of Moldova Institute of Philology being co-opted at its publishing. Well-known personalities in the field take part in the editorial.
Students club Iuventus, the literary club, students council are part of the faculty as well.

Dean of Faculty of Philology

Associate Professor, PhD, Gabriela Topor

Tel.: +373 22 74 79 42
E-mail: gabriela.topor@upsc.md